The PiFNP gratefully recognizes the individuals, organizations and companies that generously “Paid-it-Forward” through the unselfish giving of their time, facilities and/or resources.  See the Past Tours page for a list of the companies who have generously opened their doors and sponsored PiFNP Tours.  See the Past Training page for a list of the individuals who have given their time and shared their expertise at our PiFNP Training events.

Super Partners

We thank all our Super Partners for their contributions and collaboration in helping the in-transition community.  We aim to work together to find win-win opportunities to HELP OTHERS together.

They are:
Professional Organizations
Training Organizations
Recruiting Organizations
Venue Hosts
Local Churches

Please contact us if you would like to collaborate with us.

Tour Sponsors

We thank all of our Tour Sponsors for opening their doors to the in-transition community.  We have been highly encouraged by your hospitality and generosity.  We loved learning about your company, your business, products and processes and enjoyed the simulating two-way discussions.  We will never forget you, and hope to work with you in the future as a customer, supplier, employee or just as your advocate.

We welcome repeat tours.  Several companies have invited us multiple times, because our group has grown so much.  Although the first round of tours were upstream-centric, we aim to diversify the scope of PiFNP tours to other sectors and industries.

Please contact us if you would like to host a tour of your company or would like to help organize a tour.


Volunteer Trainers/Speakers

These special people have given their time and shared their expertise so that we may continue to learn and stay engaged.  All our speakers were knowledgable, highly interactive and very well received.  See the list of  Speakers.